Add tousands new products in minutes

Our solution is build to mimic and automate human product description writers.

Eliminate source finding

We bring info directly from the producers' websites

Intregrate suplier feeds

Eliminate time wasting with copy & paste

Automated retrieval PLUS Human verification and edit

One click of a button understands your ecommerce backend product description information needed and brings only relevant data.

  • Only producers websites and reputable sources are used.
  • All information retrieval is done by our intellingent robots.
  • Your human writer reviews, modifies if needed and publishes the final content.

My ecommerce platform is custom. Will it work for me? Spoiler alert: YES.

Dyver is the intelligent cognitive automation tool that understand your product, brings the right information from the right source and answers intelligently to all the inputs required in the product description page.

Our initial tests found at least 10x-20x reduction of the time needed to complete the description forms in all technology products.

User Friendly

The chrome extension is installed only once.

Fast retrieval

After completing the name of the product and pressing the DYVER button, our tools finds the best relevant sources and brings the needed information in seconds.

No learning curve

Just install the addon and the right information is matched to the right inputs.

Quality sources

Our aim was to basically automate the process that the product description team is already doing. Only secure content sources are searched for content.

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